Current Projects

Bitcoin Chess Japanese
MSc Learning Rust A prototype RPG
Chess data pipeline

Paused Projects

Guitar Music Baseball Hiking Shakespeare Writing Fantasy Baseball Japanese Translations Full-time job Genre playlists for Spotify Lichess Analyses

Completed Projects

Abitur SATs Moving to Germany Weightlifting
Physical chemistry lab Anorganic chemistry lab Technical chemistry lab Touch typing
Salt crystallization C++ HTML/CSS Benzene
Website Intermittent Fasting Social Skills Internship
Calorie tracker Exchange Semester Remembering The Kanji Chess club at UCSC
Exploring San Francisco New Year's Resolution for 2017 Taking the GRE Learning about designer chairs
Learning Python Learning how to use Tableau Hosting an RSS reader BSc
NYC Pyweek 28 CycleGAN Coursera Data Visualization course
Future projects

This page was last updated December 16th 2019.