This website

My website

One of my projects for the year of 2016 was to have a working website. It's a collection of all the things I have done and who I am, partly for myself and partly for displaying my achievements for companies/people to see whenever they want to.

Not only that, creating this website in itself was an achievement. I have avoided taking any shortcuts and copying things from other websites without understanding them, so all of the HTML/CSS in this website was written by me and I know exactly how it works.

The website was mostly written along the month of May 2016. Lots of near-sleepless nights were put into it, and lots of time spent staring at my CSS code trying to figure out how to do things properly.

Many thanks go to: "thedopefish" for providing the web hosting for my website, my friend Johannes for graphic design tips, my friend Luis for more graphic design tips, and my dad for support.

In the near future, I'm thinking of moving the website from hand-written HTML/CSS to a static site generator sort of situation. This would definitely help me with making the site more "modular" and thus easier to update.