Python snake

Ever since I learned C++, I was pretty interested in programming. In recent times, I got back into it with Python - a relatively simple scripting language that is nonetheless powerful. My first big project was a webcrawler I made for the Duden website. All it really extracted (and frankly - now that I know more - in a very crappy way) was some information about German nouns. My focus was on the articles, since I was never really able to tell whether a word was der,die or das.

Since then, I've expanded my Python repertoire a lot. I wrote a GUI reporting program for my employer - Market Logic Software - with PyQt5, a program which I nicknamed the Automated Reporting Kit, or ARK. I also wrote a few simple games using Python wrappers for SDL. There were some simple scripts to do tasks I couldn't be bothered doing, of course, but a big part of what I did was to help me explore the Internet and the world around me.

I've used the following libraries to the point where I'd say I'm proficient in them:

I'm not sure maintaining the above list makes sense anymore; at this point, picking up a new library is pretty easy for me. A lot of these libraries also have very specific docs that make it easy to learn them, so it's not like a huge challenge.