Coursera Data Visualization course

The result of my course

In 2019, I wanted to improve my data visualization skills, since most of my experience was from creating visualizations myself, not from a structured course. I found a set of courses on Coursera that looked like it was a good fit.

After a few "touch and gos" and being interrupted by other life events, I finally finished all the courses and produced my data visualization deliverable. It can be found here.

I'm actually pretty pleased with the final project. However, I don't know that the set of courses was all that great. I learned some from it, but I think it could have been far more efficient and teach a lot better than with the videos they have up. I suspect this is simply because it's a rather early course for the "online" mode of learning - I'm sure a lot has changed since then, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

My full report can be found here.