My old chessboard

As of a few years ago, I've taken up an interest in chess. I already knew how to play chess from before, but only the basic rules; I had no real skill. I'm still learning openings and practicing online. My ELO at is currently at 1410, which is just above the lower class C limit (assuming they use the same rating system as USCF). More recently I've been using Lichess, a completely free, open-source alternative, not only due to its free system but also because the website just runs so much better than the website.

The Lichess website uses a Glicko-2 rating system, however, so ratings aren't really comparable to FIDE or the ratings. You can view my up-to-date ratings in the widget below (made by Ruben Wardy and available as a fork here, only slightly modified so it picks up categories with a minimum number of games). I'm currently working on improving move accuracy, after having improved my moves under time pressure by playing bullet until my rating matched my other categories' ratings. I hope to reach about 1900 rapid next.

On August 26th 2016, I went to my first ever chess tournament. It was 7 rounds of Swiss system. I lost all my matches but still got one point because one matchup I didn't have an opponent to play against. Club players are very strong!

At MLS, we started a chess tournament a few months before I left. I got all the way to the finals, but we never ended up finishing the tournament, which is a shame.

Here's some chess TV, straight from Lichess: