Hosting an RSS reader

Stringer instructions

Based on an Art of Manliness post, I got inspired to read RSS feeds instead of visiting websites to find posts. For a few days, I searched for a decent RSS application, but I couldn't really find anything open-source that was still being maintained.

What I did find was a plethora of self-hosting solutions for RSS readers. I picked the simplest, most barebones one - Stringer - and set it up within two days on a free tier AWS ec2 instance. It runs with a PostGreSQL backend on Docker, and it turns out... it was really easy to implement if you use Docker. That's probably why people use it so much.

Unfortunately, due to its personal nature - anyone who clicks on a link would affect my experience of the reader - I won't be sharing the link to my instance of Stringer.

I've found a few interesting blogs to follow, and a few other news outlets I'd like to read up on. Obviously, I also added a few webcomics to the mix to keep it light.