Bachelor of Science - Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science - Chemical Engineering

I started my studies are at the Technical University of Berlin in October 2014 and finished in June 2019. The main focus of my bachelor's degree was of course in differential equations and technical chemistry, however, I also took several biology and biochemistry-related courses in order to qualify myself for a future job in the biological chemistry area.

In the winter semester of 2018 (i.e. from October 2018 to March 2019) I worked on my bachelor's thesis. I planned on working with data science-driven operations and examine whether I could reliably predict water solubility of organic compounds from the compound's structure. This work was inspired mostly by the work that the folks over at GTN have been doing. I found them through a PyData talk, and got really interested in the topic. After starting a conversation with my professor, Prof. Jadran Vrabec, I shifted focus slightly to predict the slope of the infinite dilution activity coefficient at approximately 300 K.

Over the course of my thesis work, I learned several basic data science processes such as different cross-validation techniques, different scoring mechanisms (RMSE, MAE) and 10 different regression mechanisms. The work I did was my first real foray into a serious data science project and I learned immensely from it. My entire thesis can be found here. Naturally, after some time, I noticed some things I would have done differently had I known better; but I'm satisfied with the result for what it is. It is, in honesty, far more in-depth than a bachelor thesis needed to be.

My grades were as follows:

Class Grade
Analysis I 3.3
Linear Algebra 1.3
General Chemistry 1.7
General Chemistry - Lab Pass
Analysis II 2.0
Intro to Modern Physics 2.3
Molecular Chemistry of the Main Group Elements 2.0
Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry 1.3
Anorganic Chemistry - Lab Pass
Differential Equations 2.7
Organic Chemistry I 2.7
Physical Chemistry - Lab Pass
Biology 2.3
Toxicology 3.0
Biological Chemistry I 1.7
Technical Chemistry I 2.0
Chemical Structure Elucidation 2.3
Organic Chemistry II 2.7
Organic Chemistry - Lab Pass
Thermodynamics II 3.0
Intro to Instrumental Analytics 2.7
Energy, Momentum and Matter Transport II A 3.0
Intro to Shakespeare (UCSC) Pass
Intro to Creative Writing (UCSC) Pass
Intro to Neuroscience (UCSC) Pass
Analytical Chemistry - Lab Pass
Safety and Reliability of Technical Systems 2.3
Product Design 1.3
Basic Thermal Operations 4.0
Process Engineering I 3.7
Bachelor thesis 1.0