Touch Typing

Dvorak keyboard layout

During my formative years (around the tender age of 9-10-11 years old), I played lots of a game called Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. This quickly taught me how to touch-type up to I believe a speed of ~60wpm.

Following that, I spent a large period of time reading and participating in the Internet in forums, chatrooms or IRC. This increased my touch typing abilities even further to probably ~80wpm.

I also had a Dvorak-typing stint around 2012-2013. During this period of time, I set my home keyboard to the Dvorak layout and learned the new layout from scratch. It was quite a difficult transition, but after a few weeks of practice I'd gotten back to ~80wpm with the new layout. The most difficult part, I think, was whenever I had to use a different computer - my fingers would still have the Dvorak layout muscle memory and I would then type nonsense.

Eventually, after a few months, I reverted to the QWERTY keyboard. After once again a brief period of adaptation, I was typing at about 90wpm. I continued practice via IRC, chatrooms, programming and typing things in general. Currently, I type at about 105-110wpm, with my best measured speed being 120wpm.