Calorie Tracker


As part of my fitness program, I regularly track my calorie intake. I used to use the LIVESTRONG application on iOS to track my calories, but eventually it became so bloated, clunky and user-unfriendly that I stopped using it. For a time, I counted my calories "by hand", as in, I wrote what I had eaten on a notepad and calculated the calories by using a table with my usual foods listed on it.

This quickly became a real chore and was very time-consuming. In order to make calorie tracking fun again, I decided to write a program that would do exactly what I wanted: simply add the food, add how much of the food you ate, and list the calories and the macros for the day.

Thus my calorie tracker came into existence. I used Python 3.5.3 to create it. Currently you can add foods on it, track calories for a specific date, view the specifics of a food and view the history for a specific date. It's very much a prototype, but it's all I need to track my calories currently.

The code can be found here. I'm mostly done with it, to be honest, since it does everything I want it to. A build can be found here. The accompanying files are Foods.txt and History.txt.

Things I hope to maybe someday add in the future: