Finally, another update

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I've updated my website. It was about time - it's been a few months. I've just been very busy with other things such as my job or my projects for this year.

I plan on reading 24 books and watching 48 movies this year. I've already somewhat pre-selected them, but I don't have a fixed list. My main objective is to just read those books and watch those movies - and try to clear out my backlog a little bit. This has been occupying a lot of my time.

I started working at MarketLogic again. I now work as a data analyst for the Business Intelligence team. We do lots of usage reports, but hopefully that will change soon. I've been writing a tool that will help ease the load the usage reports put on our backs (I wrote about it in my part-time job page!).

As for Japanese, I'm still studying the core6k Anki deck. I'm at about 1300 words learned now, though lots of these are repeats from my previous Memrise vocabulary. I'm learning 20 new words a day right now - hopefully that pace will keep when I reach completely new words.

That's pretty much it. I should get back to watching The Prestige now.