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Another update after a long time.

Since the last post I've been focusing a lot on my finals at university. I also increased my hours at work so I work full-time now - I need the money so I can spend it on my exchange quarter in California. As such, I haven't really had that much time for anything else. Thursday the 10th was actually my last final, but then over the weekend a friend came to visit me in Berlin and I showed her the city, and then on Monday I went back to work, so I still didn't have that much rest. Hopefully this weekend will let me sleep a lot more though.

I've increased my Kanji learning from 10/day to 20/day. I don't know what to expect, honestly - maybe in a couple of weeks I'll be extremely overwhelmed and dial it back down, but hopefully not. I also finally (!) resumed learning new vocabulary. I'm still having trouble remembering words so I definitely need to devise a new system for these - especially since I seem to be learning very similar words together... I have to take a better look at this.

I've also been slacking on my guitar practice. Today I started learning how to play Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction, though. It's a really fun song and also apparently pretty easy.

Now the next step is to prepare for my trip to California. It's in less than one month and I do really need to get started on some more important preparations like how I'm going to access my money while I'm there. And maybe I should also start posting more often than once a month!