1000+ Kanji!

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After about 100 days of using Anki for my Japanese studies, I've finally reached 1000 Kanji known.

I skipped a few days here and there but overall I kept to 20 new cards per day which is 10 new kanji per day (on average). So far I've had some trouble with a few select kanji but after a few repetitions they're usually really easy to remember. Most of these are filed under 'mature' which means I only have to review them 20+ days from now - and I've got a few really simple ones that I only have to review next year.

Some kanji have terrible puns associated with them - such as 梨 , which is composed of "profit" and "tree". What's the most profitable tree? The pear tree of course, because it produces its fruit in pears.

Here's to 1k, and my continuing studies in Japanese. I'll hit 2k before the year is up - that's a promise!