Washing baseball caps

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Today I washed my three baseball caps. I used this guide to help me along (shoutouts to AoM).

It went by uneventfully, for the most part. My two Cubs caps weren't particularly dirty, but the one was stinking of cigarettes. It doesn't anymore, thankfully.

My third cap, however - it's an old Yankees cap from probably.... 2007. Maybe earlier. I never washed it before, mostly because I never wore it, but also because I didn't care much for it. I figured since I was washing caps anyway I might as well wash it. The thing is, I once wore it to a fishing expedition. As soon as the cap touched the warm, soapy water, all that fish smell released into the atmosphere and hit my nostrils. It was quite the experience, frankly.

Thankfully I washed it. Haha!

Anyway, all my caps are clean now. The Yankees cap is the only one that still isn't dry, mostly because I didn't set it in front of the fan yet - the Cubs caps have taken precedence, since I'm a fan of the Cubs, not the Yankees.